Simple staging ideas every home seller should implement


Do you intend to put your house on sale? You can get a potential buyer fast from staging your home. It is possible to get the exact amount that you are asking for the home if it well maintained and staged. Most people assume that staging a home is expensive and unnecessary. This is not true since you can implement affordable ideas that make a significant difference when it comes to getting a serious buyer. Here are a few staging ideas to help you leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Make your home welcoming

Simple words on the door can draw a smile on a potential buyer’s face. An inviting porch is the first thing that a keen buyer may notice before they enter your house. A clean doormat that says “welcome home” is enough to impress. Most people check on houses in the evening after they are through with their daily routine. You should, therefore, consider investing in some porch lights to illuminate the front walk if you show your house during the evenings.

Clean and declutter

As you stage your home, you should aim at keeping it spotless. Your floors, windows, and counters should sparkle before a potential home buyer checks out the house. If your house is big, consider hiring professional cleaners to help you get rid of tough areas to avoid losing important points with a prospective buyer.

You need to declutter unnecessary items and store them in an offsite area such as your friend’s garage. Buyers want to see a lot of space in the home and not unsightly things everywhere. If you keep pets, remember to vacuum clean the rugs to get rid of any odors in the house. Do not get rid of those beautiful vases around the kitchen counter since they add aesthetic value to the home.

Rearrange the furniture

One of the key aspects that potential buyers consider is the amount of space in a home. You can rearrange the furniture to reveal additional spaces in the home. Symmetrical arrangements are ideal when staging a home. Pull the couches away from the wall and place lamps on strategic positions to make the room stand out.

Keep buyers curious

Some buyers may not have the time to go through the entire house, but you can draw their curiosity by enticing them. Feel free to place specific items that attract their attention in hallways, corners, and even stairs to keep them interested. You can use a window seat, art piece or hanging lights that stand out. A small colorful rag can also draw a buyer’s attention. It is those minute details that make a big difference in staging a home.

Sell weird areas

Be creative with the weird areas around your home. For instance, you can show off a small room near your stairs by converting it into a work station for children. You can even add a shelf or bulletin board on a weird spot. Such areas can be a selling point for your home since they boost the buyer’s imagination and increase their interest in your home.