Brilliant marketing ideas to use as a real estate agent


Real estate continues to be a competitive field as everyone tries to gain from it. If you are a real estate agent, you have to be an expert in your marketing skills to stand out from the rest of the competitors in the industry. Most homeowners hire the best agents to help them market their homes to clients. To be the best in marketing, you have to be active in both online and offline platforms and engaging enough. Here are a few brilliant ideas that you can boost your marketing skills in advertising real estate property.

Establish an online presence

Busy schedules reduce the time to visit the numerous homes on sale. Most buyers rely on online platforms to search for houses quickly. As an agent, you must create a social presence by engaging potential clients through social media. Promote real estate properties through channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

Remember to include your contact details in your pages. You can create an impressive “contact us” page for clients to reach you easily. Since most people use smartphones, you should ensure that your site is mobile friendly. 

Include social sharing to your pages

Home buyers like consulting their friends and family when looking for specific houses. Ensure that you add some social sharing buttons for them to easily email the photos to their friends to increase convenience for them.

Be keen on competition

You can learn a lot from other agents in the field if you take competition positively. Connect with other realtors and find out what the strategies they are using to earn clients. Look at their sites and try to borrow ideas from them. Aim at learning from their mistakes as you copy the good things from them to raise your chances of succeeding in the game.

Come up with an impressive business card

You can also promote your services through a business card. Hire an expert to help you create an attractive business card and include your services as well as contacts. Take some time to distribute the cards to everybody you meet.

Include quality photos

The real estate property photos you share on social media should help you market the entire region. You need to come up with enticing images that draw the interest of potential buyers. Apart from the specific property, you can include familiar sites or landmarks surrounding the property. Get a professional photographer to help you take high-quality photos that capture people’s attention. Poor images can reduce the interest of the great property.

Come up with a virtual tour

Your client may not have the time to go through all the homes you advertise due to lack of time. You need to use a virtual tour to help them understand most aspects of a certain property before visiting the site. A virtual tour can give them a comprehensive preview of the real estate property. Capture the main details in the virtual tour including the floor plan and major rooms.